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Book 3 of the Ravenmaster Trilogy.

‘Here is the best piece of historical fiction I have come across in a long time… Book of the Year 2017’ – Gordon Askew, MBE, Magic Fiction Since Potter

‘I can't recommend this trilogy more. Top 10 Books 2018’ The Children’s War

London, 1944.

Against all odds, Timothy Squire survives the D-Day landings. His luck soon runs out – and he is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. In London, Hitler’s terrifying secret weapon, the V1 rockets, turn life into a nightmare. Anna must seek help from her estranged father to discover the only chance of fighting back.

Rescued by the Resistance, Timothy Squire joins a ragtag force tasked with stopping German soldiers from reaching the beaches. Commandeering a Spitfire, Anna leads a crew of fearless pilots to intercept the deadly rockets. But Hitler has one final secret weapon, against which there is no defence…

Together once again at the eve of the devastating war, Anna and Timothy Squire must confront the ghosts of their past and prepare for a future no one can predict. In the dramatic conclusion to the Ravenmaster Trilogy, Anna must find the strength to face her greatest fear – and do what she must to survive in a world forever changed.

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